Our Brands

At Global Synergy Concepts, we carry some of the top brands in the market with the highest quality to serve your everyday technology needs.


‘Think Wild for the Ideal’

AMAZINGTHING is a renowned mobile accessories brand that keeps researching, developing and manufacturing up-to-date products to meet the needs of mobile users. ‘SGS’ quality certification has been obtained for all our products, setting up a new standard for continuous improvement in the industry.



‘Let us bring you into a world better by design’

At Uniq, we explore materials and textures that work in unison for a refreshing  contemporary take on your gear with a little ingenuity, inspiration and meticulous attention to details to create intuitively designed masterpiece. Uniq is known for its series of functionally stylish gadget accessories and travel essentials to integrate exquisitely with your lifestyle.


‘Quality. Protection. Innovation.’
These 3 words define ITSKINS ethos, ITSKINS soul, defining what smartphone cases have been missing, pursued without compromise. Founded in France, ITSKINS has now grown into a global company with a team of 250 spread across North America, Europe, and Asia. Our phone cases hit the market offering proven protection that surpassed military standards, as the first to make Certified Drop Protection affordable and uncompromising.

‘Technology That Empowers’ 

As the leading provider of power solutions for the modern mobile consumer, Energea is committed in delivering top quality power solutions with the highest safety standards. Today, Energea’s range of products are stylishly designed to meet all power needs – from office to home, to travel, and by car.


‘For The Bold At Heart’

For those unafraid to stand out in a crowd. Inspired by the vibrant spirit of Tokyo youth and the unmistakable aesthetic of Japanese street fashion, at Skinarma we take what it means to be bold and make it our own. Featuring a range of designs from subtle to striking, we believe you should embrace your unique individuality by reflecting it in the things you carry.

‘Fashionista Protection Off The Runway’

Inspired by the glam of haute couture, Viva Madrid pays homage with artisan crafted designer cases with intricate attention to detail. Expect lasting protection that packs in solid style and function; after all, each piece is a wearable classic that resonates with the modern trendsetter of today.


Committed to enhance your quality of life through technology, VanGuard SmartCare creates from a need to safeguard health with simple but essential hygiene solutions that are easy to use and highly portable. Whether it is a present challenge or an unprecedented future, VanGuard SmartCare is our way of meeting the needs of modern day consumers.


A Uniq Lifecare Initiative. 

LYFRO is a lifestyle brand focused on turning ideas into curated solutions that simplify everyday living. Our progressive selection reflects our deep commitment to bridging the gap between technology and life, and is crafted with purpose to meet the ever-changing needs of the modern man. LYFRO balances distinctive smart concepts and rigorous design with the introduction of advanced disinfection technology.


‘Mount Smart. Drive Smarter!’

Onetto has rapidly become a leader in the car accessories industry. Utilizing industry expertise, Onetto has created functional and up-to-date accessories to aid your everyday mounting needs. As trend seekers and innovators, Onetto is continuously brainstorming new gadgets to hold your device steadily in place while you safely drive in assurance.

Onetto is determined to give all of our customers the best customer service possible. 


SOLiDE’s philosophy is to provide protection and durability to consumers. SOLiDE is well known for our BubblePro™ Technology that is ridiculously resilient against drops. Our premium protective cases are made out of highest quality nano materials, with thousands of nano-bubbles for amazing protection against impacts as well as self-healing properties, drop-tested 26 times at 8 feet! Feel the difference with its strong durability yet light weight designs. 


MOFT creates portable, compact, easy-to-use productivity accessories—enabling people to be more efficient with less equipment via unique, smart design.


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